West Hanover Field Driving Directions

West Hanover – West Hanover Elementary School Field


 1:      Start out going West on Market St towards Pizzatown.

 2:       Turn RIGHT onto PA-743.                                                           8.4 mi 

            Continue to follow PA-743              

 3:      Turn SLIGHT RIGHT onto COCOA AVE/PA-743.                      1.3 mi 
 4:      Turn LEFT onto W CHOCOLATE AVE/US-422 W/PA-743 N.    0.0 mi  
 5:      Turn RIGHT onto PARK AVE/PA-743.                                          0.7 mi
 6:      Turn LEFT onto HERSHEY PARK DR.                                         0.9 mi

 7:      Turn SLIGHT RIGHT onto HERSHEY RD/PA-39.                                   4.6 mi

 8:      Turn LEFT onto ALLENTOWN BLVD/US-22 W.                                     0.6 mi

 9:      Turn RIGHT onto MANOR DR.                                                      0.2 mi

 10:     Turn RIGHT into parking lot of W. Hanover Elementary School and
            go to the LEFT side of the school to park.
            Fields are behind the school.
 11:     Welcome to West Hanover! 
Total drive time:                                                                      40 minutes