Welcome to B Squad!

Welcome to B Squad! This squad will cheer for games and is also a competition squad for ages 11-12, age as of 8/31/2023. This squad will cheer at B Squad football games. They will also perform at our Etown Explosion Cheer competition as well as 3 away cheer competitions.

We are excited to have Head Coach Amanda Heaps and her Assistant Coach Lynn Garloff as our coaching staff again this year!  Also returning are 2 Student Coaches (and current Etown Varsity Cheerleaders) Nevaeh Heaps and Hailey Willard. Combined, these coaches have a ton of enthusiasm and decades of experience! The coaches will continue to teach the squad proper techniques, sharpen their skills and learn a fun fresh competition routine to perform this season exhibiting their hard work and achievement!

You can contact Amanda at lilmommieof8@yahoo.com
You can contact Lynn at lgarloff3@gmail.com