Flag Football

 Flag Football

It’s all about the kids

2018 Football season


Welcome Parents

Flag Football will begin on Saturday, September 8th from 9:30 - 11:30 for 8 weeks (weather permitting)

Participants should dress in shorts, a t-shirt and either sneakers or cleats.  As the weather gets colder sweatpants and/or sweatshirts would be more appropriate.

Everyone should bring a water bottle, as well.


Online sign ups are still open!  Click on the Registration Tab to get started. 

In register in person, you can print the EBC contract from the website and bring it to the concession stand at Poplar St. Tues-Thurs from 6:30-7:00 PM.  Please also be sure to bring your payment of $35 (cash or check made payable to EBC).

We will be running 3 age groups to provide the appropriate level of instruction.  We utilize parent coaches, so if you have an interest please contact EBC.  We strive to run a program that provides a good football foundation, develops skills and most of all, is FUN!

If you have any questions, need to register, or are interested in adding your name to the coaching list (it takes no prior experience, just the desire to help), please email Lee Walters  rlwalters1@aol.com

We also utilize GOOGLE GROUPS for email communication and notifications. If you are not already part of EBC Flag Football group, please contact DAVE KASE to be added to the Flag football group or to removed from another EBC football listing under Google Groups.

Pictures for Flag Football will be held on Saturday September TBA at 9AM


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