Welcome to the 2012 EBC Football Season!

Get ready for a great season, the coaches and commissioners have been working hard off season to make this the best season yet. 

Some changes this year:
SAFETY SAFETY SAFETY - NOTHING is more important than the safety of our players (this is not new of course).  We recommend a high quality mouth piece, info available on the EBC site.  (This IS new)  EBC will provide a BASIC mouth piece. If this is damaged - turn it in for a new one free of charge.   Just visit the concession stand.  Coaches are required to take a concussion recognition training course.  I want a special focus on SAFETY at all times.  Suggestions are welcome.
A parent or guardian MUST BE PRESENT at equipment hand out.  They will be signing a form for financial responsibility for the gear.
All families MUST HELP DURING THE SEASON.  The equipment form will have several choices for you to chose from.  There is a lot to do!
THERE WILL BE A CHARGE FOR ALL LOST EQUIPMENT.  This will be strictly enforced.  It costs the club just over $300 to outfit each player.  We need to maintain the equipment for future seasons.  If gear is damaged from normal wear and tear, turn it in for new at no charge.
C SQUAD PARENTS - be aware of the playing rules for Varsity and JV players.  This information will be distributed, please read it and ask questions.  This is new when coming up from D-squad where all players play in all games.  We follow Red Rose League rules for player participation.
Do we have any announcers in the crowd?  We could use an announcer for the games.  Try it out for a game or two!  Make it fun!  Contact me if interested.
Have a special talent that you could use to help the club?  Contact me please!  All help is welcomed!
David Kase : dbkase@gmail.com