Fan Code of Ethics


Elizabethtown Boys Club (EBC) has adopted a ZERO TOLERANCE policy.  It focuses on the improper behavior and speech of parents, coaches, and athletes both On & Off the field as well as at any EBC activity.

Everything we do and say reflect who we are as individuals, as families, as EBC and our community.  It is because of this relationship that improper behavior and speech will not be tolerated.  Respect should be given to coaches, referees, parents, teammates, and property at all times and under every circumstance.  At all EBC events, derogative comments and swearing is unacceptable and will not be tolerated from players, parents or coaches.

This Zero Tolerance Rule indicates that if the behavior or speech(written or verbal), of  any individual is deemed unacceptable by the game officials, Commissioner, Athletic Director and/ or an Officer of the Elizabethtown Boys Club, then the following actions will occur:

1st offense: that person will be asked to immediately leave the premises for the remainder of the day.

2nd infraction: will result in expulsion from the premises for the remainder of the day and will be suspended from attending games or practices for one week.

3rd infraction will result in no longer being allowed to attend any future games or practices for the remainder of the season.

In all cases, the EBC Board will take appropriate action up to and including possible expulsion from the program at any time.

            The Elizabethtown Boys Club is also imposing a “24 HOUR RULE” that must be followed by all parents and family members.  This rule indicates that if you have an issue or grievance, you must wait 24 hours prior to having verbal or written communication with a coach.  This 24 hour period gives both parents as well as coaches a "cooling off period”, and time to think more rational.  If a parent has issues, we encourage them to go to the Head coach first and only the Head coach.  Please do not take issues to an assistant coach or a coach’s helper.  If the 24 Hour Rule is not followed, then the actions will be enforced by the Zero Tolerance Rule as outlined above.

If you feel that you need to speak to someone other than the Head Coach after the 24 Hour Rule, please feel free to contact the Commissioner and/or the Athletic Director.  A written statement of the grievance must be submitted by a parent to escalate their concerns to the Athletic Director or the EBC Board.  Issues such as the safety of your child, bullying, and threats or any possible abusive concerns should be directed to the Head Coach, the Commissioner, Athletic Director, or any EBC Board Member immediately.  The 24 Hour Rule is only for issues in which you may have a grievance or are upset about a situation with a coach. We encourage you to talk to your coach at any time if you have any questions about games, practices, or any other questions you may have concerning your child.  Feel free to contact the Athletic Director at any time if you have questions and concerns.


The following link can be used to contact EBC Board and Athletic Director

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